Why our Salon Products are trusted around South Africa?

For many people gracing the lush and lively lands of South Africa, hair plays an integral role in self-identity. These individuals treat their hair with as much care, dedication and passion as they would with any of their facial features. Because of this, the salon industry in South Africa won’t be going out of business … Read more

3 Benefits of using The Captain’s Beard Oil

or many men around the world, beard care is just as important to them as hair care and beauty are too many women. Having a healthy and clean beard goes a long way towards nailing that look or style you’ve been working on – not to mention, beards are fun to play with! The best … Read more

Importance of Hygiene in Spas, Salons and Barber shops

Hygiene has always been an essential practice for spas, salons and barber shops of all sizes around the world. However, today more than ever, hygiene is something that no spa or salon owner can afford to ignore because of the global pandemic that has taken the world by storm. Besides Covid-19, salon and spa owners … Read more

3 myths and truths about Skin Care Products

Myths and truths every spa professional should know As a professional working in any kind of spa, it goes without saying that you should have more knowledge than the average person regarding skin care products. Many of these products have become the subject of controversy in the last few years because of several reasons, including … Read more

6 Benefits of In-Salon Hair Treatments

Are you struggling with split-ends, dry, damaged, dull hair or any other hair related issues? If so, it might be time for you to go and get a hair treatment at the salon. Hair treatments offer many benefits that could help restore your hair to its former condition – or even better. Here are a … Read more