Ocrys Deha Moisture Hair & Body | 250ml

Ocrys Deha Moisture Hair & Body | 250ml

Ocrys Deha Moisture Hair & Body | 250ml

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The word DEHA means HUMAN BEING in the Sanskrit language and it alludes to the meaning of the cosmos on a smaller scale. DEHA is dedicated to the whole family. This is an ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY range like no other, not only because of its special formulations but also because when you use it, you are benefiting sustainability. Low water consumption and less energy required to heat it up.

Benefits: It cleanses and hydrates body and hair gently and works to protect the environment at the same time. One product for several different purposes means saving energy whilst you have a shower and wash your hair. A lifestyle in harmony with nature.

DEHA Active:

  • Linseed Oil: This contains linoleic acid, a substance that helps to regulate skin hydration and provides elasticity and suppleness. Cosmetic application to the hair helps to prevent split ends and naturally gets rid of any existing ones by rehydrating and restructuring the hair fibre.
  • XIMENIA AMERICANA: Its precious bark extract is used to protect highly sensitive scalps. Extremely suitable for a very gentle shampoo.