Nouvelle Decoflash Bleach 500gm – Refill Blue

Nouvelle Decoflash Bleach 500gm – Refill Blue

Nouvelle Decoflash Bleach 500gm – Refill Blue


Nouvelle Decoflash Bleach 500gm – Refill Blue

Elevate your hair bleaching experience with Nouvelle Decoflash Bleach 500gm – Refill (BLUE). This innovative and professional-grade hair bleach offers a vibrant blue formulation, providing optimal results while adding a touch of uniqueness to your hair transformation process.

1. Vibrant Blue Formula:
– Infused with a bold blue color, this bleach not only lightens hair effectively but also adds a visually appealing and distinctive element to the bleaching process.

2. Professional-Grade Bleaching:
– Nouvelle Decoflash Bleach is designed for salon use, ensuring a high-performance and reliable bleaching experience for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

3. Refill Convenience:
– The refill packaging of 500gm offers a cost-effective solution for replenishing your bleach supply, ensuring you have ample product for various hair lightening applications.

4. Versatile Application:
– Suitable for various hair types, this bleach achieves exceptional results on both natural and previously colored hair.

5. Superior Lifting Capacity:
– Nouvelle Decoflash Bleach boasts a superior lifting capacity, ensuring effective and consistent results across different hair types and colors.

6. Easy Mixing Ratio:
– The suggested mixing ratio of 1:2 makes this bleach easy to prepare, offering convenience for professionals and enthusiasts during the application process.


Weight: 500gm
Color: Blue

Experience the art of hair transformation with Nouvelle Decoflash Bleach 500gm – Refill (BLUE). Whether you’re a professional stylist or experimenting with a new look at home, this vibrant blue bleach ensures stunning results while caring for your hair.


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