Oxilock Plasma Kit - 1N.1 + 2N.2 | 200ml

Oxilock Plasma Kit - 1N.1 + 2N.2 | 200ml

Oxilock Plasma Kit 200ml (1N.1 + 2N.2)

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Oxilock Plasma Kit 200ml (1N.1 + 2N.2)

OXILOCK plasma is the exclusive complex of organic substances developed by the Jean Paul Mynè laboratories, which allows the revitalisation of damaged keratin fibres. Used simultaneously with all chemical treatments in the salon, it allows recovery of the hair’s health with “miraculous” results.


  • It does not change the way you work
  • It does not add any steps to the standard colour and bleaching process


  • It multiplies the keratin bonds and improves and reinforces the sulphur bridges damaged during previous treatments
  • It improves the hair’s quality and structure visibly and instantaneously
  • It guarantees safety for every type of technical procedure
  • It simultaneously protects against and prevents damage by aggressive chemical treatments
  • Absolute stylistic and colouring freedom

Two simple but “miraculous” steps OXILOCK PLASMA No. 1 restores the keratin before, during and after aggressive chemical treatments and can be used as the ideal tool for obtaining fantastic results in any situation. The hair regains health amazingly in terms of resistance to breakage and reduction of brittleness (especially on “porous” hair, damaged or weakened by the standard chemical treatments). OXILOCK plasma No. 2 works in synergy with No. 1 and has been developed to complete and conclude the OXILOCK plasma treatment. No. 2 is necessary with all services, to maximise performance and guarantee an excellent result. It is a concentrate of organic substances which restore the health of the hair’s keratin fibres. It restores a healthy, strong look to hair damaged by aggressive chemical treatments thanks to its amazing restructuring action.

This kit contains:

  • 1 Oxilock plasma Miracle N.1
  • 2 Oxilock plasma Come True n.2
  • 1 instruction for use
  • 1 measuring cup


Organic acids (e.g. Lactic Acid), amino acids (e.g. proline) and their derivate and special eco-certified zinc salts (Zinc PCA).