Keratin Plus Gold Treatment

Keratin Plus Gold Treatment

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Specific treatment to smooth and reduce the volume of curly and frizzy hair.

KERATIN PLUS GOLD uses blends of organic acids, sugars, amino acids, cellulose derivatives and plant proteins to modify the hair fibre and leave it smooth and stable for long periods of time with an impressive reduction in volume and without damaging the keratin disulphide bonds.

It also reduces hair water absorption, protecting it from humidity, salt water and rain.

The product contains no allergens, formaldehyde or other harmful aldehydes.

Volume reduction is exceptional and hair is left bright, easy to comb and ever so soft to the touch. KERATIN GOLD PLUS TREATMENT is particularly recommended for Afro-type, frizzy or natural hair.

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Organic acids, hydrolyzed wheat protein and surfactants derived from olive oil.

*For Professional Use ONLY

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