HUG Blow Up Volumizing Powder Balanced | 10g

HUG Blow Up Volumizing Powder Balanced | 10g

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• Hug Enjoyable Blow Up Volumizing Powder Balanced

Medium level volumizing powder. It offers the possibility to give volume and body to fine hair with immediate effect. Ideal for giving the hair more
tone where it is necessary to make crops or folds with a little support.

Hair type: Fine
Directions: Apply to dry hair, brushing becomes easier after application. Apply to the roots from the bottom upwards, holding approx. 5/10 cm from the head.  Dose the amount of powder used according to your needs and hair structure.
Functions: Instant volume boost. Thanks to its special formula and innovative dispenser, a fine cloud of volumizing active ingredients is sprinkled over the hair which anchor themselves to it, increasing its fullness and texture.
Plus: Does not weigh hair down, leaves no residue, texturizes.

Active ingredients: Blend of highly sophisticated ingredients.


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